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Squadron Leader Muhammad Ghayas Ahmedani

Pakistan Air Force
Squadron Leader Muhammad Ghayas Ahmedani is a proud for Gondal Memon Jamat to be among the few memons and 1st memon in Pakistan Airforce.

Associate Manager - Software  (Martin Dow Pakistan)

Muhammad Ali Patel

Associate Manager - Software (Martin Dow Pakistan)
Muhammad Ali Patel is Currently working as Associate Manager - Software Martin Dow Pakistan last he was part of IBEX GlobalTRG Pakistan for 3 years in the capacity of assistant manager business Intelligence. His versatility is reflected from his qualifications in varied fields of Software Engineering, computer science and business administration. He has also been working on the web projects of different countries as a freelancer. Two of the worth mentioning projects Ali has led are inteal projects for foreign Companies

He has been associated to corporate as an IT professional for last 7 years. He has been very active and worked arduously for the social reform of memon community through various projects organized by World Memon Organization,Gondal Memon Association, ILM Society,Memon Youth Forum, IMCHF Pakistan and AZFAM Technologies, He aspires to work benevolently for his community to enhance the status of IT through various awareness programs.
He believes? Sky is not the limit, your Imagination Is !!!